February 05, 2018

Just few days back it felt like spring came early this year. It was super warm, sun was shining, birds were singing and puffy jacket was surprisingly not needed anymore during the day. As you can imagine that made me feel super excited for cold days to be slowly over. 
Fake news!
We are back to "winter wonderland" now and all I am left with from those glorious days are todays pics, which I dont want to go to waste despite this outfit may not be the most appropriate for snowy days.

However, the main idea of it is layering - which is the key for for winter time. I know wearing cozy sweater is the best for cold days, but I kinda already miss wearing my short jackets - which are a very warm piece of garment! So I layered my long shirt dress with a roll neck underneath and wore a croped jacket over it, to keep me warm.
In order to keep yourself warm I would just pull a long coat over and the whole outfit is back to winter proof.

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