March 26, 2018

Shoulder pads. One of the trends we are all probably going to laugh to in few years time (l surely did have a cheeky smile on my face when I was browsing through my parents photos from when they were all about the shoulder padding as we are now) but lets ignore that for now cause the trend is here, it's big and it's not goin anywhere for at least another year.
So lets all just embrace it with arms wide open shall we?! And since I am all about exposed shoulders I already did that, without hesitation. Why?
They just give somekind of a wonderful edge to the outfit and create a very strong posture. 

With that being said they its easy to say they make you look like have everything figured out in life, even if you dont. ;)

The only thing I have noticed bout them is that the "bigger" they are, the more they can swallow your neck making you look like you dont have it. Which is why I like to wear my hair up to elongate it and wear skinny trousers  underneath to make the the body silhuette slimer and longer. Sock boots are also essential if you are aiming for a Balenciaga inspired look.

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3 komentarji

  1. I love shoulder pads. This styling is gorgeous.
    You look like a rock star.

    So in love with those boots btw.

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