March 12, 2018

I gotta admit I am secretly laughing to myself right now. Why? Well, its cause of the belt bag if Im being completely honest.
You see, when the trend "hit" us, I could not but to think of my dad wearing this when I was little and I admit, I did not like it coming back.
And while I am not the one who picks up every trend that pops up, regardles being a fashion stylist, I never really gave up on this trend. I guess It had some kind of nostalgic touch that was to familiar for me to ditch it. So it has slowly, but patiently grew on me and I kinda like it now.

But dont get me wrong. I still am not a fan of all kinds of belt bags! I played around with them for a while before I made up my mind around them and I can say I like them if the design is slim, in a mini clutch size and not bulky.
And oh boy, do they make an outfit unique, there is no arguing around that thats for sure.

But you know, you dont need to buy belt bags, you can transform your mini bag into one!

I am infact wearing my fav mini shoulder bag as a belt beg - i just put a belt under the bags flap and voila. It makes such a statement to this monochrome beige outfit, dont you agree?

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  1. That bag looks so fashionable!


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