March 05, 2018

When it's minus ten (or even bellow that) for more than few days, I bet we all get a bit frustrated with the question:

"What the heck to wear - if we exclude those few sweaters that we have on loop during the winter and how to stay creative with our clothing, regardless the weather."

Honestly, I hoped last weeks post about heavy layering will be enough for this year, but that's just not happening. We are still here, fightng the cold and praying to survive it in the most fashionable way possible, right?
With all jokes aside todays feature is yet again about layering (it may not look like it at first, but who actually layers few long sleeved tops on top of eachother) but this time in a minimalistic way, oppose to the last one.

I decided to layer an off shoulder long sleeved top with a rollneck and paired a super high waisted, wide leg trousers to create a rather minimalistic / "man repelling" look.
Super oversized trousers needed to be balenced out with a slimming top and my hair needed to be brushed in a high ponytail to elongate my figure and prevent from trouseres swollowing me alive.
he sneakers and a hooded coat make the outfit casual and youthful while classy trousers and a statement earing take care for that much needed touch to the outfit.

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  1. Gorgeous photos! I love it girl.


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