January 28, 2018

I think one of the most important things to have in mind when it comes to putting an outfit together is to style the right accessories with it.
Todays outfit is an example of how to elevate an "all black look" by adding the right accessories.

A great tip on "How to actually start picking the accessories to the outfit" is to choose a piece of clothing that you use a lot and start from there.
In the winter time that piece is usually a coat. Mine has an embroidery, so l started accessorizing my outfit by choosing one color from the embrodery and started adding asseccories.
I chose burgundy and went with a bag, belt, gloves, shoes but also a lipstick! in that color.
That way everything ties together but at the same time blends perfectly with the coat as well. That way I create a perfect silver lining of the outfit with or without the coat, dont you think?

My advice is to start collecting accessories in the same color family till you have a "package of everything you need".

That way the accessorizing your outfit will never be complicated again.

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