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February 07, 2016

I just think I'm one of those people, that find outfits a bit plain, if they don't contain any kind of layering. Call it faith or my slight OCD, but the moment I found this sweater in the back of my closet, I've envisioned the outfit with matching colours.
You see ... I really like when things match and the turbot shaped figures on the sweater are in the same color as my denim shirt and the wide pair of trousers. And while everything matches and blends together nicely, a little pop of pink just adds a little something to this "don't-know-how-many shades of grey" outfit. Comment down bellow if you like it.

fashion tip:
According to Vogue, wearing a turtle-neck under a shirt is one of the biggest fashion trends at the moment. And it makes me super happy and proud, since I jumped on that band wagon even before it was announced. Huraaay! Check it out here and here! =)

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8 komentarji

  1. I love the combination you are wearing! It's just perfect : ) And the colors combination is lovely, as well ; )

  2. Hey!
    Lovely post! I am hosting a giveaway on the blog today on the chance to win a necklace from a famous designer, would love if you could check it out:
    Camila x

  3. i love the combo!!! nice blog baby!



  4. You look terrific! I really love the femininity of the pink with the grey. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  5. Super sweet outfit. I love the pop of pink with the soft grey tones. Really beautiful!


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