July 07, 2017

Not so long ago someone asked me, "Why fashion?" Why do l love fashion so much and why Im still keen on blogging... My initial response to that question was, "Because to me fashion is something that can explain who I am and who you are, without having to speak."
And my blog is a spot where I can share my aesthetics, a part of me, with all of you guys.

And its actually more intimate that you think it is. 

Most people think I am a very serious person hence the pictures I post but the truth of the matter is my blog is where I share "just" my creative side of me and yes, it's not as goofy as I am in real life. Its a place where I can unite everything I have ever learned - being a model, fashion editor, and stylist - and translate it into blog features.

If a potter goes to his studio to make pottery, than my blog is my "studio" where I create my kind of art.

You see... I've always been a story teller and I've always admired fashion editorials in magazines which is why I began creating more editorial-type content after I left the position of fashion editor. I love daydreaming and I love that I am able to create something beautiful from the ordinary.
I love creating content where I don't want to make you lust over things, or the way I look, or how many clothes I own.

To me its not about the number of followers; rather, it's about enjoying the ride with the followers who understand my story.

I just aspire to inspire.

So thank you for following my one-woman show, where I am a content creator, a stylist, and a model all in one go, while my photographer Manca captures all the feelings I want to show in that moment and take you along with me.

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  1. That's a really cute outfit, I love it!

  2. In love with the outfit and pictures!! Love them!
    Mónica Sors


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