December 13, 2015

If you are looking at this pics, questioning yourself whether this is an old blogpost you kind make a good point, but I have to tell you that it isnt. Its very accurate, but also very inappropriate for this time of the year, isnt it? It kinda looks like its mid October instead of December. But sun is still very generous this days which I kinda really like.
Nonethless I still hope you find some outfit inspiration, if you would like to see your fav outfit up close just click on it.

click hereclick here

The third (actually its the middle one) outfit is definitely the least festive one, but it still works really well with all the fashion trends. Big, knitted, chunky scarves and capes are everywhere this season and are perfect for chilly days. I decided to wrap myself in a dark chocolate colour and added some mustard yellow for a little pop of colour, which all together makes a great colour palette dont you think?
So if you are not really keen to wearing puffy jacket (despite the fact they are really trendy) my suggestion is to wrap yourself in a big cape over your fav. jacket or coat even to look trendy and chic.

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2 komentarji

  1. May be inappropriate, but I find this color combinations really nice ; )

  2. Great looks :)


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