ready, set, trenchcoat!

November 22, 2015

Trench coat is one of those wardrobe pieces that most women have in their closets and lets face it, it truly is a versatile piece. Despite all fashion commandments it always can be your staple "go-to" transitional coat in order to always look chic and put together.

I played around with it and created three different looks. If you would like to see more pics about one look you prefer the most click on it.

click hereclick here

My last look (but on the pic the middle look) oppose the first two, shows more muscular side when styling a trench coat. Myth such as not combining brown and black together is now busted. I put trench coat over my shoulders, and cinched my high waisted trousers with a braided belt in the same colour as my shoes. To put a bit of dimension to the outfit sparkling socks in the colour of my shoes were a great touch up and I wonder which look do you prefer the most?

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  1. Molto ma molto carino questo trench!

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  2. Love that trench,


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