November 25, 2015

Before I start rumbling about today's styling at the end of this post, can I just say how insanely uncomfortable this pair of pants is?! Despite the fact that they literally scream my name by being black leather-like-ish, having zips all over and were love at first sight, I have such struggle wearing them every single time. Funny fact? I still love how they look so much, that the struggle lasts for more than a year now. Apparently I still didn't decide to give up on them :D
Can you remember when was the last time you got sucked into buying sth. despite the fact that the purchased item is going to be far from your fav.?

I hope that you don't mind me having a little of confess here, but now I can concentrate  on my styling right?
This time I decided to style a dress as a asymmetrical top. I always actually like the idea of wearing tops that are longer at the back, so why not doing this with a dress. I tucked it inside into my pants and let it fall spontaneously. Cause it has a silver linings inside I went for silver pops to the outfit, and even wore a silver socks, which can sadly  not be seen. What do you think?

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5 komentarji

  1. Hlače zgledajo super, verjamem pa da so neudobne. Sem sama že čisto prevečkrat probavla podobne in jih (še) nisem kupila, ker sem že po 2 min v njih skoraj ponorela :)

  2. I am sorry to heat they are uncomfortable but it looks hot. I do this to myself all the time usually not with pants but shoes (which are either too small or too big r winter coats which ar never warm enough and I free but it looks good ha! xx

  3. those trouser do look gorgeous though!
    I almost bought a pair of isabel marant pants that didn't fit me correctly just because they were on sale haha
    we all get sucked in at times

    great look

  4. Love your pics! Very curious if you like my blog too. Would mean the world if you could check it out!

  5. In love with your outfit!


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