December 08, 2017

There are quite a few misconseptions when it comes to dressing up in the winter time.
One of them is that white pants are not appropriate for that time of the year. Another one is that puffer jackets are not "fashionable" piece of clothing - so if you want to look "cool" just don't wear them. So how dearing am I to wear those two all at once?! haha just kidding.
Luckily fashion trends are breaking the ice big time by making comfy clothing chic and versatile to wear which makes me very happy.

Now obviously puffer jackets indeed look very sporty and casual but in combination with some chic heels, cinched at the waist with a belt and with the right design I think they are more than perfect for cold, wintery days.
I always loved wearing them since I am always freezing cold, so here are some of my looks from the past wearing them: PATENT, RED, BLUE.
The same goes with white pants -  just style them in a more wintery way - with chunky knits, scarfs and you are good to go!

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