October 07, 2015

When life gets overwhelming and there is too much on my mind I like to run to the wildest nature and listen to its quiet sound, to find myself again.

We had 12 days to recharge our batteries and empty the camera ones. Rented a car and had no plan. Just to see as much of what the island has to offer, starting from Algero airport to Castelsardo and continuing our way around the island clock wise.
I honestly didn't go to Sardegna well prepared - the wind was really strong all around the island, but also we had a bit of bad luck having few days of rain. But this is what it made the road trip even more genuine and Ive learned my lesson.


How to get around?

I highly recommend renting a car for the whole whole stay on the island, since its quite big but also very mountainous, if you like to move around the island and are more of a adventurous person. If you are coming to be at one place throughout your stay, you won't have difficulties getting a taxi, since there is a lot of them. 

What to eat:
Sardegna is an Italian island which means pasta, pizza and seafood everywhere you go. Since I am vegan, I had a few difficulties finding a right spot for me to eat a proper meal, but I must say it wasn't as hard as I thought its going to be.
I really recommend MELI restaurant in Castelsardo which beside regular menu also offers vegan food.
La Favorita in Cala Ganone is where I celebrated my Bday and is the only one that offered an amazing big bowls of mixed salad and the best marinera pizza.

Other than that I have to say the island has an amazing variations with fresh fruits and amazing sushi, you can buy in bigger shopping malls.

Where to stay:

Throughout the whole trip we've changed quite a few hotels, but I have to say if you want to save some money do it on the sth else rather on where you sleep! 

But regardless the place of your staying my experience is that wi-fi is still a mostly non-working thing in Italy, so put a reservation on a seat in the lobby, if you don't have 3g on your phone. :)

I liked Meli hotel in Castelsardo very much. Probably also because it offered vegan dinners, but apart from that I really appreciated the view that it offered from its terrace. It was just magical.

Hotel Maria Blanca treated us so well on my bday and offered one of the best breakfast I had in Sardegna. Plus the pool overlooking the sea is beyond amazing.

What to see:

I cant point one beach that is a must to see, since they are all so beautiful. You can spot turquoise water and the smell of the pine trees everywhere, but it is on you whether you like sandy, pebbles or more rocky beaches. Either way, prepare yourself for waves and quite strong wind, but don't forget to take some time to snorkel.

Castelsardo is an amazing little town, where you can just sit on the rock and stare at the view hole day long.

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  1. Super slikce, Sardinija je res lepa! Te pa razumem glede vetra, sem sama na dopusti prejšni teden imela podoben problem, tako da sem sita vetra do konca :)

  2. I love Sardinia ... Sun .. The best sea, The best beach!
    New Post->

  3. Very nice pictures !


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