STYLE OF THE DAY the sunset!

November 07, 2013

One of the first things I like to do, when comin back to Milan is going to Navigli to see the sunset. Not only the place is so misterioulsy beautiful, it also has so many great memories which embrace me everytime I come there. After a great afternoon catching up and making plans for next days, while eating pizza, this suset was one of the best things to end the day.
So here is my laid back outfit: Neo-grunge mixed with classic elegance. Simple, minimalistic and just the way I like it. What about you?

Opazovanje sončnega zahoda na Navigli-ju je ena prvih stvari, ki jih moram storiti vsakič, ko se vrnem v Milano. Misteriozno prelep kraj, prežet s spomini, me vsakokrat toplo objame in mi zašepeta dobrodošlico. Po krasnem popoldnevu, ob pici in dolgih pogovorih, je bil sončni zahod le še pika na i, popolnemu dnevu.
Za današnji outfit sem neo-grunge trend pomešala z večno klasiko, za preprost in minimalističen videz. Kako se vam zdi?

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9 komentarji

  1. Predivnaaaaaaaa.... kosuljica mi je san snova :)

  2. Loving what you have on sweetie , u r definitely a real fashionista and know how to put together a gorgeous outfit

    Am sharing the hobby of my dreams in a new post , BTW it is romantic heavy pics inside !!! Please Tell me what do you think ?


    P.S. Follow me on insta & i will instantly follow back @nanyslife

  3. very pretty look, this shirt is amazing!

  4. WOW, what a wonderful spot dear, love the lighting so much! ♥ Superb outfit of course, adore your take on neo-grunge, you look so beautiful and effortless! BRAVO, perfect post!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  5. Pretty pics, great shirt!


  6. všeeč! res lušna srajčka..všeč mi je k ovratnik ne izstopa tok k pri večini takih srajčk :)


  7. Mi je zelo vsec tvoj outfit :)


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