Leo in the city

March 20, 2012

Yes! Skinny pants and pistol boots are my best friends! =) If I could, I would have them in every single color and I am sure I wouldn't get bored of them ... ever! And I actually hope you dont get bored of this combination either, couse its just who I am and what I like to wear. And in the end this is all that matters when it comes to personal style right? =)

 In my opinion accessories are the ones that make an outfit different/great. And todays outfits "star" were obviously the leopard bag and chunky wooden necklace. And my new hair elastic. =)

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14 komentarji

  1. Hot damnit ženska maš dobre noge noo

  2. zeloo všeč! Še posebi jeans srajčka <3

  3. kulj outfit,čis pisan na mojo kožo! <3

  4. great style, LOVE the leopard print bag

  5. Kombinacija puloverja in srajce mi je super. :)

  6. hehe I can see why you could never get sick of that combo. It really does work with nearly every colour combination availabel you look absolutely lovely here. Just a very chic and beautiful ensemble hun ^_^

    Eeli xo

  7. @Irena tenkju, zelo tenkju*
    @Ana uuuhhh means a lot! tnx ;)
    @Eva. jaaa nevem kaj bi brez nje. res je <3
    @beba dankešn*
    @Arden tnx =)
    @Mushei to je pa super slišat in me ful veseli!
    @Life's a shoe tnx sooo much! =)
    @cvetka lajkam da lajkaš! =)
    @Tamara res je super izpadlo an? =)
    @BW tnx soo much and yes it really is..hmm... immortal combo I would say =)

  8. Tut meni je ful všeč kombinacija srajce + pulover. In všeč si mi živahni nohti na vse skupaj. :)

  9. Lepa! Vedno, ko vidm tvoje outfite s temi čevlji mi je žal, da jih nism kupila še v tej barvi :)

  10. @Nina tenkju =)
    @hehe Ana sj veš, ti je lahko mal žou ker so res top =) če bi lahko, bi mela še kašno barvo =)


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