My big fur cap...

February 08, 2012

Waaaa the real winter is finally here and even though it's freezing cold I enjoy every second of it.

Wearing a fur cap is definately a must for keeping myself worm and comparing a simple outfit with boyfriend oversized white shirt made my super day comfy and warm. Take a look:

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5 komentarji

  1. Haha, zadnja slika zmaga :) Full ti paše kučma.

  2. Sicr sm pristaš vročega poletja ampak tele zimske slikce so pa super cute :) pa juhej za kučmo, jst svojo najnaj še iščem zaenkrat :) xx

  3. hihi Ana tenkju =)*
    @Maja tenkjuu, svojo kučmico pa le čimprej najdi kar je še mraz ker ful greje bučo! =)

  4. I checked your blog and I like it so much!
    Visit my blog and if u want, we can follow each other!

    have a wonderful Sunday!


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