It's all about the hat

August 30, 2011

I came home from my last few days off, for this summer. It went by so quickly ...
And just becouse I really wanted to absorb every day as much as I could, my outfits must be summer inspired as well. Floppy hat was lying in my closet the whole summer, so I had take it with me and made an outfit, when it was all about the hat. =)

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5 komentarji

  1. ooo kok lep/romantičen/poleten outfit! I will miss Summer!!

  2. Waaaa, enkratna prva fotka! :) Čudovit klobuk in se strinjam s Katjo. :)

  3. How romantic <3 Takšna madam iz Pariza izgledaš ;P

  4. @Katja ;) tenkju in jaaa js tuut! sam se p potiho že veselim jeseni =)
    @Nina hvala, pomoje se vsi nekak strinjamo ker je letos poletje blo res ful lepo <3
    @Tesa tnx, stare so pa tut da ne pomnim od gdaj so =)
    @Ana hihih hvala ;)*


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