the smell of hay ...

August 25, 2011

Wow! this past few days were seriously hot, and I've been hiding between the four walls as much as I could. =)
Don't know if I allready told you that I am a huge maxi dress lover and beside the comfyness that gives me its still very flowy which allows me to breth easly, when its freakin 35°C outside. =)
The outfit I wore the other day was shot on one of my fav places - where I jog, and it really is amazing. Take a look:

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5 komentarji

  1. waaaa, zelo lepa obleka :) jst sm tudi sucker za maxi obleke :P res so fajn za poleti, pa za na shoppinge, ko pomerjaš reči, pa za VSE in še lepe so :D

    tut ogrlica mi je ful všeč :)

  2. punce ful ful hvala, res maxi obleke ga rulajo haha =)*


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