Dress in magnolia garden

April 27, 2011

Finally time for a dress, after a loooong time. This one was bought in USA - Philadelphia last year and I didn't get the chance to wear it till now!! Hmmm =)
And after wearing it I still can not decide weather I like it or not. Hahaha but since it is a memory from my trip, I think I will wear it again. Take a look at the pics shot by sis BF in their humangous garden in front of their house. =)

I realized that I love pics of people jumping in the air, hahah so here is another one of me ... jumping =)

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9 komentarji

  1. Meni je zelo luštna obleka! Pa prstan je ful dober :)

  2. Uauuuu, kak lep prstan!!! Všečno in zelo se mi dopade, ker maš tolko zapestnic na roki, pa zeleni pas... :)

    Ej, ful maš lepe lase mimogrede...enkrat sem tut jst mela take lepe dolge in zdrave. Weee. :(

  3. Lušten outfit, prstan - o ja <3

  4. you look great! i like your nails!!!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  5. @biba hvala, tut men se je oblekca malo prikupila zdj ko jo vidim na fotkah =)
    @nina hehe ja hvala ;) las pa res ne dam, zato jih tut ne barvam ne nič, sam da ostanejo taki kot so haha =)
    @goga hehe ane prstan je res posebno lep <3
    @La Mode En Rose tnx dear =)

  6. Love your nail polish!

    XO Charlotte

  7. That dress is gorgeous! And it goes perfectly together with the belt and the nail polish :)


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