Thursdays outfit - Colors for energy =)

March 18, 2011

Thursday was a day for school. I needed some bright colors to fill me up with energy and also l needed to feel comfy and worm in the classroom. Though spring is coming with the speed of light, if the sun hides l'm still frizzing. =)

Enough words, let the pictures speak for itself. ;)

Coffee is a must, under a warm springy sunshine =)

To see my nailpolish from Thursday, l invite you to visit my other blog. =)

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6 komentarji

  1. Tale outfit mi je pa fenomenaln!Od hlač, čevljev, puloverčka, pasu in flowerish šala <3

  2. Podpis pod sparkle!

    Pa tale nov videz bloga mi je zelo všeč :)

  3. sicer z malo zamude :blush, pa vseeno hvala! =))

  4. ful mi je všeč šal&pas kombinacija. me vse je lepo!


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