Spring time

March 24, 2011

Hi girls, feel'n and doin' ok? I have been feeling so energetic for the past few days, sun is shining and the nature is waking up. So one big YEEY for that! =)
And l have to say that I opened the jogging season for 2011 today so now officialy I am reday for spending time outside more. And in the afternoon sadly it was time to go to school and l wore this:

For my makeup and nailpolish I invite to my beauty blog.

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11 komentarji

  1. u u u, zelooo všečen stil! sploh nisem vedela za ta blog :D
    evo, novi follower! xoxo

  2. hi darling! I must say you look stunning! I adore your look! I really love everything you're wearing:) The studded flats are just devine:) I want a pait like that!! And your blouse is gorgeous as well!

    ps: you have amazing hair! Its so long and sleek :o


  3. Hi girl! =) thank you for all lovely compliments, I really appreciate it and am very glad that you like my blog! =)

  4. Yeey!

    Ful lep outfit, tak nežen in chic. Srajca mi je ful všeč.

    Te bom dodala v blogroll + spremljala (:

    Mir in ljubezen!

  5. Very nice and fresh look!


  6. Thanks Mika, im glad you like it =)

  7. Love your silk blouse!

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