July 28, 2012

Are you part of "NEON obsessed" as well?! Well, I was contaiged with neon disease while I was in Milan, and since my Orly Fancy Fuchsia and American Apparel Neon Orange weren't enough, this one my sis got me when I came home and made my neon collection complete. I think =)
Orly Glowstick. Seriously?! I can say that this one is my <3 for summer 2012! =)

The pros of this nailpolish I think are preety obvious, as far as cons go I can expose the need of 4 coats to be I can say fully opaqe. But since it dries velety matte the whole progress of polishing didn't took me a long time. =)

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8 komentarji

  1. Definitivno yay <3 Pa pri neonih ful pomaga, če jih daš čez bel lak ;)

  2. ja ja vem, ampak ker se tale suši mat, je vsak nanos praktično takoj suh, tko da ni blo panike. =)

  3. kul je :) ful mi je pase ti :)

  4. Wow! What a beautiful and vibrant nail color. Love it.

  5. Omg kok dobr, en razlog več da ga naročim <3

  6. Tale lakec tut men mami že en cajt :) pretty :))


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