* Working weekend *

May 11, 2012

Finally a day off! so here is a quick post about my life away from home, enjoying each second in Milan.
The season has started and running around Milan for the whole day can, besides pure pleasure, also be very exhausting.
Anyway, I worked a show for Orofluido last weekend and here are some shots from that day. Oh, how I loved the dress I was wearing... =)

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5 komentarji

  1. Omg, kok nerealno lepa!!! :O Brez besed! Kok časa pa ponavad trajajo taka sneanja? A bomo dobil še kšne fotkice končnih izdelkov? jajaja? I want moooore, sm čist navdušena nad temi Milanskimi utrinki :D objemčki iz sončne Ljubljane :) xx

  2. zakon ej! ti boš še daleč prišla!! :))) bravo! ful si lepa...


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