*STYLE OF THE DAY* Wind trapped in my shirt

May 15, 2012

We had a few calmer days last week, so chilling around the city, wearing my fav boots and comfy clothes aka leggings and a comfy top was the best option I could imagine. =)

The sun is getting stronger each day and I can feel that in a matter of a week or two, we will have a boiling hot summer temperature here in Milan. Hurray, can't wait!

I've been working again this weekend, this time for L'oreal, but before I show them pics from there I wanted to share this ones first. Hope you are having a great time! =)

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7 komentarji

  1. Fuul luškano, tko care free deluješ :D
    XOxo, Peppi

  2. Na tvojo super postavo ti itak vse paše, pa še dobro znaš skombinirati in izgledaš v vsakem trenutku popolna!

  3. hude fotke! komej cakam se ostale slikce :)

  4. Se strinjam s Kim, lucky girl!! :) daaaj založi nas z malo fotkic, top model :) xx

  5. Oh čeveljci <3
    hehe pa kuža zgleda tok lenobno zadovoljen :)


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