Essie on my nails this time

May 21, 2012

You know whats the best part of being a model, besides the actual work that I love doing it?!

Being able to test all this beauty and fashion products, I wouldnt have a chance to otherweise. And two weeks ago I had a chance to put Essies Bobbing for baubles on my nails, while doing the show for L'oreal. You can see post about it, clicking here.

Dusty deep navy blue with creamy finish was a nice color, but the only problem was that it was allready all thick so the application was a bit hard. I think this shade is a dupe for Zoyas Kelly.

The show I was working was all about introducing their new line of Hair styling products London Attraction. The smell af them was amazing, and I think that all do the job they are suposed to do extremely well. Let me know if you get to try them out =)

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