*STYLE OF THE DAY* First weekend in Milan

April 21, 2012

First weekend in Milan started just perfect! After the whole week of miserable weather (running around from casting to casting even in beautiful city is not fun at all) the sun finally peeked through the clouds. Waking up without the alarm clock was a bless and after breakfast we rushed in town full of excitement. 

I can say Milan in spring is beyond amazing! People are enjoying the sun lying in Parco Sampione, the nature is blooming like crazy, the smell of freshly baked croissants around every corner, shops with stuff to die for and fashionable people everywhere you look. YES! I could totally adjust living in Milan straight away! =)

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7 komentarji

  1. uživj še naprej, milano je super! :)

  2. uživaj! & ušeč mi je tvoj outfit :)

  3. Ulalala jaz bi tud! Kako ti gre kaj s castingi? Do kdaj boš tam? :) xx

  4. oooo zakon, vso srečo ti želim! :) fajn, preprost outfit, ampak mi je zelo všeč!


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