Emas collection

June 02, 2011

This collection that was entroduced on Saturdays show was made by Ema Salčinovič. I really like that the outfits themselves were pretty casual and very wearable, but each one had a statement peace, that made the outfit so unique and interesting. Take a look at the collection:

Fotos by Jasna Furlan

Actually I think that every collection should be mentioned here, couse they were all unique and great, but due not many comments I am guessing you are not interested in that kind of posts? Let me know what you think...

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5 komentarji

  1. Tukaj mi je pa res vse všeč! Vse bi nosila :)

  2. hehe ja Sanja jst se čist strinjam s taboo. Tale kolekcija ja res super =)

  3. Simply but perfect oufit, love the last one specially, nice pics dear :)

  4. @nina aneee kok so hude?! men so tud ful všeč =)
    @Natasha tnx dear, =)


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