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February 28, 2016

KIKO - False lashes concentrate; Volume & definition top coat mascara
I have to be honest here and tell you, that I wasn't aware I bought a topcoat mascara, until I came home. When I figured it out, doubts started running through my head. "Why would I need a topcoat mascara? All I wanted was a new mascara and now I have to buy another one? Before I can even start using this one?!" Eventually I did buy my favorite "base-coat" mascara and gave this one a shot.
What it does is, it gives that extra pop of length/volume after your lashes are already covered with your fav mascara. It also combs your lashes perfectly even when your mascara fails to do that. I mean lets be honest. Sh**t happens even with our fav products and you don't want to get out into the world with weirdly placed lashes on your eyelid. :wink;
I think its a great product and since it costs around 4€, I think its a great addition for that extra pop.

LABELLO - rapair - beauty lip balm
Every night, before I go to bed, I like to put a good nourishing balm on my lips. After applying, it leaves a nice pearly finish on the lips - which (lets be real) is not a necessity, since I'm just a few minutes away from falling asleep. But if someone likes the sheen on the lips, that can be another "pro" for this product. It has heavenly subtle smell and a pretty neutral taste. Its not fruity neither citrusy, nor sweet. Its pink on the inside - which I believe is the nourishing and moisturising part, and has a small circle inside, the one that leaves sheen on the lips. Just be aware, your lips can get a bit too white, if you go overboard when applying it.

I've always thought that my skin would look good ONLY with a great foundation. But since I found this CC cream, I think my assumptions were totally foolish.
After investing a lot of time and effort on figuring out my skin type, finally having a make-up remover that works great and removes everything off my face, the right hydrating moisturiser  I can say CC cream can work wonders on your skin.
I don't need to spend tons of cash looking for a great foundation and I like my freckles to be seen!! Of course I like a bit of coverage, but just to even out my skin tone. And this CC cream is perfect for that. If you want to know more about it, read more thorough review about it HERE.

MAYBELLINE - anti age under eye concealer
After I've heard so much praise for this product, I finally decided to check it out.
And voila ... it actually is great! Oppose to a few other ones I've had before, this one is creamy but not cakey. It covers the space under your eye with perfect coverage, but isn't sinking in my fine lines around the eye - which some concealers like to do. This one has a red undertone, which means it should cover darker under eye circles pretty good, and it works great with my Collection 200 concealer, which I apply over it, for some highlight. It lasts a good period of time on your skin, even if you don't decide to bake it (to bake= to place loose powder on top of the concealer and leave it for a while, then dust it off - the powder bakes the concealer, leaving the under eye area brighter and fade proof).

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  1. I would love to try Kiko products. Are they good ?

    1. I havent try their makeup products as much- apart from few mascaras and they were all great. But I highly recommend their nailpolishes! They are amazing! =)

  2. CC cream looks amazing

  3. great products !

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  4. Amazing products!

    Mónica Sors



  5. Love L'Occitane :)
    Bonjour from FRANCE, Sand.

  6. oh that CC cream sounds interesting, I may have to try it out!


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