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January 26, 2014

While talking about man fashion in my last post, I cant pass man fashion week, which has passed recently, without mentioning it... It was most definitely so inspiring and exciting to see the collections that I truly had a hard time picking most favorite ones out, but I made a selection depending on how I liked the collection, as a whole. But I did it. Here is my selection, hope you like it:

V zadnjem postu, sem s svojo objavo nakazala smernice za moško modo letošnje jeseni/zime, pa bom danes pa strnila nekaj misli o meni najljubših kolekcija preteklega moškega tedna mode, ki se je pred kratkim dogajal v svetovnih prestolnicah mode. Polna idej in inspiracij, sem s težavo izbrala meni najljubše, a sem izluščila tiste, ki so mi kot celotne kolekcije pustile najbolj močan pečat. Tukaj je moj izbor, uživajte!

Ermenegildo Zegna.
Being famous of its classic yet elegant and expensive style, using finest fabrics has this time popped classic garment with amazing details and statement pieces, using fabrics which scream luxury and was something which instantly caught my attention. Love the color combinations, new lengths, while putting bomber jacket or chunky sweater over blazers and without further a do, this is by far something man should consider as fashion inspiration, while thinking classy business wardrobe.

Saint Laurent.
While drowning in the flood of so many classic and elegant collections, I also managed to feed my edgy rocker soul, during Saint Laurent show. It may or may not be true, that its not Saint Laurent without Yves, but I enjoyed this rocker/grunge-y collection to its fullest. Leather, black, skinny jeans is just something I love and while popping these items with red plaid, some leo print or a bit of shine I without hesitation call it perfection.

Salvatore Ferragamo.
Collection screamed cozy yet still classy and extremely chic. Stripes, threads and kilims made the garments looking expensive, making me want to touch them and feel the fabric. Sounds weird but it kinda makes a complete sense, since the inspiration for it the designer drew from his hobby of collecting rugs. What I love about the collection full of amazing uppers it the fact that they were all kinda either cropped in the waist line or stinched at the waist, making the look unique and surprisingly cool.
Also loved the grooming, made by my gorgeous friend Rory Rice!

Louis Vuitton.
Designers research trip to Atacama Desert in Chile, had such impacted to him that he dedicated the whole collection to it. He used the fabrics and colors signifying the landscape and crafts of clothing of the indigenous population. I was instantly drawn to the fact that LV signature damier check was this time stamped on a navy backround and mostly, bringing this elegant style higher, popping it with a sporty vibe, bringing it closer to the wider audience.

Dior Homme.
Last, but most certainly not the least that caught my attention this time was the French Dior Homme collection. The fact that designer, along with Valentino, brought classic tailoring to another level, incorporating jeans, is something I find a lot of men is going to appreciate, bringing the variety to the menswear. Cant pass the fact of bringing lily of the valley "back to life", which was Diors well known as good-luck charm, polka dots going from a silk tie to allover suits, and making a huge comeback with the pinstripped suits.

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8 komentarji

  1. Diore homme did such a great job.

  2. I was quite impressed with the menswear collections this season, well done. But a bit disappointed at Raf.. By the way, I’m doing one of my biggest GIVEAWAYS, it’s an women’s oversize ACNE JUMPER from FW13 (size medium)! Worldwide shipping! Check it out, guaranteed no other blogger’s done this!!



  3. So in love with Ferragamo and Dior Homme collections!
    Please check the last post of my blog about my last photography project!


  4. I love Dior Homme perfectly tailored pieces!! I'm a fan!! :)

    New post on the blog dear! :D

  5. I want to wear some of those looks!;-)

  6. My favourite is by Dior, but they are all amazing!


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