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December 07, 2013

I remember someone saying black is the safest color to wear and the least daring one, with which I cannot agree to its fullest. Color doesnt have a lot to do with the outfit itself as much as our style and fashion taste has, in my opinion. Having said that I truly believe in wearing what you feel like wearing and you will present yourself in the best possible way, regardless the color.
So yes, here is once again all black look, with timeless white shirt, f. leather peplum top, skirt and hat to give the outfit Mancinas signature but with a Coco touch this time. Hope you like it.

Pred časom sem slišala izjavo, da je črna najvarnejša in najmanj drzna barva pri izbiri oblačil, s čimer se pa ne morem strinjati popolnoma. Ima barva res tako pomembno vlogo? Po mojem mnenju je barva stranskega pomena, stil in modni okus pri izbiri oblačil je tisti, ki izgledu dodata piko na i. Konec koncev, vsak najbolje izgleda in pusti najmočnejši vtis takrat, ko se v tistem kar nosi, počuti najboljše.
Zato danes zopet črnina, z "večno" belo srajco, peplum topom, krilom in kapico v videzu usnja, ki outfit podpisujejo z mojim imenom, ki je danes malce Coco obarvan. Upam, da vam je všeč. 

While are reading this Im already in Brussels, so follow me on Instagram @mancinasspot to follow my belgum advantures! =)
Medem, ko to bereš sem že v Bruslju, zato me najdi na Instagramu @mancinasspot in sledi mojim belgijskim dogodivščinam! =)

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18 komentarji

  1. nice!!!

    moustachic ♡
    Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

  2. Oh wow, such a fantastic outfit dear, love that it's all in monochrome, so fierce, powerful and perfectly put together! You look beyond gorgeous!! ♥ Hope you're having a brilliant time in Brussels!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  3. Wow, res super lep outfit, vsec mi je :)

    Svetlana od Lavender Star

  4. Gorgeous! I love this monochromatic look!

    The Koalafornian x

  5. i love leather!

  6. Love the simplicity of this outfit and your hair is amazing xx

  7. You sure make black looked so good! Enjoy your time in Brussels =)

    P.S. Hey, if you have some time, do drop by and give support to join our giveaway. We're giving out an iPad Air to a lucky winner for Christmas. You could be the lucky one too =)

  8. Lepa <3
    Love the shoes!
    Enjoy Brussels :)

  9. Lovely blog <3 i love the outfit so much!! the whole leather thing is amazing!
    I would like to invite you to the giveaway on my blog- you have a chance to win $50 voucher from persunmall! please come :)
    kisses! :)

  10. Thumbs up for black and you're right doesn't matter what color as long as you're happy with what you're wearing :)
    New style post: Smize With Style

  11. Black is always perfect!


  12. Perfect photos! I love this outfit! ;)
    Kiss from Italy

  13. I like to coat with leggings, as you so easily comfortable and stylish!!

    so awesome!!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. amazing style dear!!!
    have a great day


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