Don't lose me!

June 29, 2013

You already know that on Monday, July 1st, "Google Reader" will no longer work, which means many people will lose their lists of blogs following through it. Luckily there is a well known Bloglovin (also my fav app to follow my blogs) that brings together lots of interesting blogs and people worth reading.

So here's where you can find me, all you need is just click Follow me! (or should I say - in order to not lose me?)  =)
Hope to see you soon, guys!

S prvim julijem, se aplikacija "Google reader", ki je omogočal spremljanje novih blog objav, zapira! Zato vas vse lepo vabim, da me spremljate preko aplikacije Bloglovin', vse kar potrebujete je le vpis svoje spletne pošte in vsak klik na aplikacijo, vas bo pripeljal do najnovejših objav vaših najljubših blogov.

Klik na Follow me in se beremo na na bloglovinu?! =)

Se vidimo! =)

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5 komentarji

  1. Following you already, do the same for me:-)

    How to look good being sick?
    Follow me at bloglovin

  2. Nice, girl!

    Love from Amsterdam!


  3. Done! I follow You now with bloglovin!
    You van follow minę blog too

  4. Lovely cool style!

    Don't miss today my last NEW IN....including my last bracelets!!!.

    Kisses from - My Bloglovin

  5. Already following you on Bloglovin dear! <3

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic


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