*SHADE OF THE DAY* Side saddle

January 18, 2013

Not that I don't own a huge lot of nailpolishes, is just that browsing through mums stash is always so much fun. And since this is I think one of her fav. shades I decided to give it a try. China Glaze Side saddle looks burgundy brown with gold shimmer in the bottle, but it surprisingly burgundy-purple ish after applying it. Take a look:

I could go with one thicker coat, but have applied two. Just in case. This one didt as fast as my patiente goes, so I had to use OPI drip dry. =)

This hair kinda reminded me of this nailpolish, and yes I still love ombre, and this one looks fab:

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4 komentarji

  1. Ohhh kakšna prekrasna barva! <3
    Ombre mi je pa tudi všeč, ko mi malo zrastejo lasje si bom dala pink špičke :)

  2. I definetly love this color of the day! It's a great blog idea!



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