January 24, 2013

I seriously love blue nailpolishes and feel great wearing them. So guess which one I have from new Maria Carey collection to show you. =)
Its kind of the same as Last Friday night from Katy Perry collection, just that this one is opaque and with new, unique liquid sand finish. And I like it cauze it looks like light denim. =)
Here is OPI Get your number:

Like I said the finish is liquid sand, its surface is not smooth but its not harsh at all. It dries really fast, due matte finnish and it has holographic glitters in it. Like it alot! =)

S/s 2013 is going to be very blue, here are some makeup trends from runways which kinda reminded me of the nailpolish. =)

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5 komentarji

  1. waaaa kok kok kooook lepo!! :O

  2. Sploh mi ni bil všeč ta finiš, zdej pa se mi zdi, da ga rabim- hud swatch! :D

  3. ooooohh this is so pretty! it's a nice shade of stunning blue!



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