STYLE OF THE DAY: fashion week outfit *2*

April 03, 2012

Even though my beloved skirt from previous post is beyond adorable and cute, skinny jeans are still my thing! =)

I hope you didn't think I wouldn't include them in at least one of my Fashion week outfits. ;)
So for Tuesday I would pick high waisted waxed skinnes, but this time I let the sequin top to shine in all of its glory and this years trendy peppermint colour. Hope you like it! =) 

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12 komentarji

  1. no mislim, da bi se lahko mariskdo od tebe kaj naučil in pika.

  2. Love the sequins!

    xo Ashleigh

  3. skinny jeans <3 jzt tud prisegam na njih :)

  4. Uff cevlji so tooop! Hlace ti pa noro dobro sedejo!

  5. @wow irena hvala!! =)**
    @eva. ane?! hihi res so <3
    @Ashleigh Nicole tnx they really make a difference right =)
    @mikstejp ja, nevem kaj bi brez njih =)
    @mushei&Slađi dankešn*
    @SweetIntent tnx so much! =)
    @Phuong& banana and mandarina yeah it really is amazing =)
    @ vigilant lense tnx very much ;)
    @cvetka ;))
    @Carolina tnx bejb*


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