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November 26, 2011

Its the end of november, days are getting shorter every day and magical december is right around the corner. Funny, as I am getting older, the more I get excited when that time of the year is coming.
Yesterday I was with my bf in town while workers were putting christmas tree at Prešerniv square, and I was sooo happy and excited!! =)
And today I went with my mom and my sis for some shopping, for some delicious coffee and enjoying the day. Take a look at what I was wearing.

Are you also as extited about the upcoming holidays and holiday spirit as I am, or not so much? =)

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3 komentarji

  1. fajna kombinacija, lepi prstani! jaz bi samo odstranila tisto kosmato zadevo :)

  2. Meni je pa ravno tista kosmata zadeva super. Deluje bolj zimsko vse skupaj :) Fajn, fajn!

  3. @Stravadorskiy hihi verjamm ;) ampk js bi pa brez svojga medveda pomrznla pa še ful mi je všeč hihi
    @Ana tenkju =)*


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