Flowers for your B-day =)

July 23, 2011

So me and my BF are finally going to the seaside for a few days!! yaay!! =) When have we decided to go? A Few hours ago! haha. That is going to be fun. So I have just packed my stuff and I think that for three days I have too many stuff with me ... again =)

Anyways today was my sisters husband birthday, so HAPPY B-DAY again!! =) and this is what I wore for that occasion: =)

Sis's husbands sister got a puppy today called Šan and so of course I was occupied with him the whole evening.. look at this cutie:

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8 komentarji

  1. Ja kak je lep kuža, tak puhek (:

    In ti ponovno izgledaš popolno!

    Mir in ljubezen!

  2. Res norooooo dobra kombinacija, teli škornji + obleka - drzno ampak top!!

  3. Puppyyyy <3 Ful lepa kombinacija, oblekca je res lušna pa škornji so mi ful všeč :)

  4. @biba hehe ja res noro cute =)
    @beba ijaaa veš kolk je mehek hihi, pa hvala za tak lep kompliment ;)
    @ana uh hvala, me ful veseli da ti je všeč =)
    @luka ja ni za kej ;))*
    @summer tenkju bejba, mi je super da se ti dopade =)

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