*MAKEUP of THE DAY* Fashion week #1

October 09, 2012

Finally first day of s/s13 Ljubljana Philips fashion week, and I decided to make something different for my makeup, since I went for all black outfit, which you can check out here.

I did a natural eye makeup look and went a little bit more edgy on the lips. I did an ombre dark violet and hot pink in the middle. Sadly photos washed out the colos a bit, couse they were actually preety dark. But here is the look:

For lips I used:
Sleek Uh La La pencil in Raisin for lining the lips and filling in the corners
Sleek Amethyst over it and Mullbery to dab it around the outer corners
Sleek Fuchsia for the middle part.

I have to say I got a lot of compliments for the lips, and the actually lasted for the whole day!! without smuging and fading! Very Very immpressed!

For nailpolish I used OPI Pink flamingo, since its opaque with one coat and I wanted a nice pop of color, matching my lipstick:

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