*My WoWs* PFW #3.1.

October 14, 2012

Day three, the last day of Slovenian Philips Fashion week.
First show, 5 designers.

Eric Matyash with La Métamorphose. Loved the materials, latex, mesh, velvet ... liked the "hats". Fell in love with long maxi A-lined skirt.

I was very curious about m*Faganel line since I worked with him before. Known for its classiness wowed us with b&w line, lots of stripes, lots of details. Very wearable and very chic. Like!

Ivan Rocco with Hawaii inspired line. Shirt with big puffy sleeves was my wow.
Anđela Lukanovič with Georgia O questioned what if flowers became stripes?!
Petja Zorec with Run Boy Run, was the only one that designed the whole collection for men. Very creative, lots of pastels, mixing clean lines with soft pleats.

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