*My WoWs* PFW #1

October 11, 2012

Honoured and extremely happy to tell you that my outfit from Fashion week day one, was published on Elle.si, and placed among the best dressed people attending the show! =)

Im still waiting for my pics of my outfit from last day of Fashion week, so I decided to write about my top three, my thoughts about what I liked, what inspired me and what I would be happy to find in my closet.

Day one:

With amazing concept, materials and colours, I love! and Maroco inspired line, Akulura wowed me instantly!
Growing huge love for sandy colours, soft and flowy chiffon combined with harsh leather with lots of zippers and detailed jackets or vests, was for me love at first sight:

Katja Magisters red line throughout the whole show was inspired by the ocean, wild and careless surfers life.
For me the thing I really enjoyed was combining clean lines with checkered pattern and rubber boots. Straight into my heart.

Farandula amazed me with its classy elegant style.

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5 komentarji

  1. Congrats for Elle honey,deserved!;)

  2. Bravo, men sta bla tud druge dva ful všeč :) xx

  3. hud outfit, day one sem spustila... torbica <3

    xo I.


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