inspiration 4 valentines day

February 11, 2016

You probably think I'm crazy, calling THIS my Valentine's day inspiration!
Where are all the hearts and all that jazz? - you may ask.
Well, you know guys, I love the idea of celebrating love, but I love to celebrate it in a ... slightly unconventional way. A bit edgy, yet subtle, feminine and with a little spin.
By now, you all probably know how much l love lace, but I've never really talked about my secret love for the French brand Celine.
I find their unique approach to fashion just so inspirational and so oh, so lovely... Speaking of inspiration - I actually think a few pieces from their spring summer collection are just beyond perfect for VALENTINE'S DAY!
I mean - lace slip dresses, combined with boots and bold red lips, left me with my mouth open and I bet I'm not the only one, right? You can spot my love for lace slip dresses here and here

And here it is - my interpretation of a romantic, Valentine's manicure.
Let me know what you think in the comments bellow! =)

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3 komentarji

  1. Amazing nail art!

    Rakel ♥

  2. Your nails are so amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    Mercedes Marie

  3. Love the color of the nails :) Bonjour from France, Sand.


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