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December 16, 2015

Not every girl likes to wear dresses, and that's perfectly fine! Im for instance really not a dress type of gal! If I have to wear one, I will most definitely pick a maxi dress over a pair of skinny pants or wear it with a pair of really high boots.
But since the festive season is in its full swing, I decided to dedicate this week on: "What to wear for a Christmas party?" and feel great in what you are wearing.

Starting off with a tomboy look, wearing skinny leather looking pants under a maxi dress, and a velvet blazer hanging off my shoulders. Most probably wouldn't style a beanie for a Christmas party, but wearing some kind of a headgear has slowly became my thing, but it adds a unique and fun touch to the look I think.
Emerald green is one of  the"IT" colours of the season, but nevertheless I still really recommend it for all kinds of events you need to attend, since it makes your outfit always looking very polished, super elegant and a bit mysterious.

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3 komentarji

  1. Ah the velvet blazer is stunning especially because it's a deep rich green.

  2. Awesome style !


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