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December 07, 2015

We waved goodbye to the first week of December, but I don't really feel the "right" festive spirit yet. OK, the Christmas trees and all the decorations everywhere are helping a little bit naturally, but this warm, autumnal weather confuses me. Glitters, sparkles and knits are more appropriate for this time of the year, aren't they?
With that being said, I decided to create a festive outfit with a twist and I added some sparkle - even in places where most usually wouldn't.

Oppose to a classic festive look (since it does include glitter), I would rather say this is a perfect look for those, who like to put a spin on a more casual look. Sparkles are a must for the festive season and why not wearing some glittery socks to bling your outfit a bit with them. So if you own a pair of sandals that are already in your closet waiting for the summer, bring them back to life and wear them with some socks!

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