November 28, 2015

When editing pics for today's blog post I said to myself: "Gosh, this literally is 50 shades of grey in one outfit." I beyond love how it turned out, despite the fact that I'm truly not a dress wearer. But you know what, this is exactly what my intention with "1 piece-3 looks" combinations blog posts is all about. To share my point of view on fashion, in order for all my readers to be able and relate with at least one of the the featured styles, and hopefully find some inspiration.
And yes, I wear a no makeup cause I felt like not wearing it that day, but I do wear tights!!

This outfit, I have to admit is actually more appropriate for us, taller girls, since long coats and thigh high boots together, can literally "swallow" petite ones. My advice for petite women would be not to wear both pieces together, or simply wear sky high heels with long coat to elongate your body.
And since thigh-high-boots are everywhere this season and are so very appropriate when wearing short dresses without freezing your legs off.
Not to mention floral prints and floor length coats which scream Dries van noten and Chloe.
The dress of the week, in combination with countless shades of grey blends amazing well, and despite the fact that its not in the first plan, it still adds a gorgeous subtle metallic/sparkling touch to the outfit.

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  1. Super cool! Have a nice day, dear!
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  2. i love this! To be honest I thought you looked really tall - wouldn't suspect you being on the shorter side at all!


  3. Such a gorgeous look ! I love the coat!

    MARTA from

  4. What a pretty fall look!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes


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