*SHADE OF THE DAY* Lets have some Pool party

June 10, 2013

Another neon shade and even though its from already two seasons back, its still one of my top fav summer shades. Cant attend any poolparties at the moment? Then at least apply it on your nails. ;)

Ja. še en neon, Tokrat dve sezoni star, a še vedno eden meni najljubših odtenkov. Ker si trenutno ne morem privoščiti pool partija, sem si ga pač nanesla na nohte. ;)

I needed two coats, and because of its matte finnisish its dry within a snap. =)
Dve plasti sta vili popolnoma dovolj in ker se suši v mat finiš, je lak na nohtuh suh kot bi mignil. =)

Gucci, Oskar De La Renta were my favs bright pink on the runways, Dries Van Noten, Issa London showed how to wear pink lips this summer.
Gucci, Oskar De La Renta sta imela meni najljubši izhod v kričeči pink barvi, Dries Van Noten, Issa London pa sta vsak na svoj način pokazala kako letos nositi vroče pink ustnice.

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