April 09, 2011

It was Friday and YEES it was soo hot outside, sun was shining and I felt like wearing Bright colors ...
You may have allready noticed that I am more of a jeans/pants tipe of girl. I love them and think that a girl never has enough pants. haha which sounds wierd probably (especially couse my first oufit was wearing a dress ... lol) but I think its true ;)

Casual outfit with statement shoes thanks to my sis =) and perfect zipper bag made my day, besides warm and sunny weather of course! =)

And a funny picture of me in my school naighborhood. And here is the thing. When I have to go to school I rarely wear heels, couse I just don't feel like walking around with them. So I had one of my favorite pair of ballet flats with floral print and a jacket from my last outfit with me to change it up. :D
Haha ... for my nails and makeup pop on my beauty blog. Wish you an amaaazing weekend!

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16 komentarji

  1. Oooo, perfektno! :) Ma res hudo...
    Majica mi je ful všeč, so mi všeč stvari, ki delujejo malo retro in sandale itak... :)
    Haha, jaz sem ista, se ne ravno počutim vsak dan hodit okoli v petah, jih pa zelo rada nosim za določene priložnosti... :)

  2. hehe tenks nina, tut jaz se ful navdušujem nad outfiti z malo retro pridihom =)

  3. Jaaa, barve, bring it on!

    Oh, moram kupit nekaj pisanih majčk za poletje! Balerink sem za letos kupila že dovolj... :D

  4. love ur blog!

  5. you looks great and happy!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  6. Love how you mix the colours! :)

    Greetings from Germany :)

  7. YOUR shoes! Your shoes, I love them! Perfect color and design.

    Hope you had a great weekend.


  8. Love love love those red shoes. Gorgeous.

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  9. Great look, I love your sandals!


  10. Thankx for the comment deaar, so following you now, love there amazing shoes :) nees sth of this color!

  11. thanks girls, I havent thought you all would love the shoes so much haha! great =)

  12. I a more of pants type girl too, though I love dresses:)
    Your shoes are gorgeous, love the color!


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